PRESS – Fresh Plaza – Chambers launches new prepared division – ‘The Fruitery’

Fresh Plaza have picked up the story a about Chambers’ new prepared fruit division and the launch of The Fruitery.

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PRESS – Foodnews interviews Tim Chambers about keeping pace with UK berry market

Estela Cuesta of FoodNews visited Chambers HQ to interview Tim about where we are in the UK berry market and our plans and innovations for the future, including the newly launched Fruitery.

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PRESS – Food Manufacture reports on £2m prepared fruits division

Food Manufacture picks up on the hottest Chambers’ news story with the title – Chambers launches £2m prepare fruits division.

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PRESS VIDEO – James Miller Interview at Fruit Logistica

FPJ editor Michael Barker hears all about Chambers’ appearance at the Fruit Logistica show and the launch of new division The Fruitery from the company’s James  Miller.

PRESS – The Grocer – Berry specialist Chambers to launch fruit snacking brand

The prestigious Grocer title has run an article all about Chambers’ new division and the launch of The Fruitery.

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PRESS – Fresh Fruit Portal pick up on The Fruitery

The Fresh Fruit Portal has picked up The Fruitery story and leads with – Chambers plugs gap in U.K. prepared fruit market with snacking division.

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PRESS – New venture hits headlines in Product Business UK

Produce UK, have written an article about Chambers’ latest venture – The Fruitery.
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PRESS – Lead Story In Fresh Produce Journal

Michael Barker met with Tim Chambers and James Miller at Fruit Logistica in Berlin to learn more about Chambers’ latest venture into prepared fruit pots.
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Chambers Launches New Prepared Division: The Fruitery

Chambers – the soft fruit experts – announces the launch of a new prepared ready to eat division – The Fruitery – as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and future proofing. The moves signals a first in the UK in terms of Chambers representing the only specialist fruit grower to have invested in its own prepared fruit facility. The Fruitery provides the opportunity for Chambers to supply a retailer own label product enabling foodservice and major multiples to compete in the growing take home and on-the-go prepared markets.
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Chambers bolsters partner grower network to strengthen year-round berry offering

October 2018: Chambers, one of the UK’s leading independent berry growers, announces a significant expansion of the grower network that enables the business to deliver a year-round field to fork berry offering to its customers – which includes listings in many of the major multiples.

The business currently home produces berries and stone fruit across 14 locations in the UK but outside of the domestic growing season, berries are sourced from collaborative growers around the world to ensure a seamless 52-week supply (Chambers supplies over 90% of own fruit production direct to the customer). This grower network has now risen to 17 countries, representing a 100% increase on the previous year and includes Mexico, Guatemala, South America, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine and some of the newer regions that have witnessed investment such as Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Chambers specialises in raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, cherry and more recently blueberry production and has worked tirelessly over the last 4 years to identify overseas partner growers who share the company’s commitment to outstanding quality and innovation.

Commenting on the strengthened network of partner growers, Managing Director Tim Chambers said, “Chambers was first established in 1950 and has grown from a family business to become one of the largest independent cane growers in the UK, with a production area spanning 400 hectares (1000 acres) and propagating 1.5m plants per annum (for production in the UK and selected European sites). Whilst the business has expanded, our founding principles – which focus on quality, provenance, traceability and supplying the freshest berries direct from the farm – remain true. The extended network of growers means that we are well-placed to service the needs of the UK, as well as overseas market, with exports showing a 218% year on year increase. Our ability to ship out our product on the same day as it is picked (or in the case of product arriving from our partner growers, on the same day as arrival to the UK port) means that our produce enjoys a longer shelf life, represents lower food miles and fits with our customer’s desire to reduce their carbon footprint. Balance this with the fact that our lean supply chain means a reduction in costs and the Chambers proposition represents an attractive offer, especially since according to industry sources, berry sales have risen by 132% in the UK over the last 10 years and the category is predicted to be worth almost £2bn by 2020 (source: Kantar).”